A Nightingale’s Ballad

by Vanessa Caraveo

Dusk gradually makes its
intriguing presence 
with vast stars above
     an abysmal dark sky
each representing a hopeful wish 
from a foolish soul that will never
     come to see the light of day.

I can hear him
singing the same song as last night
for he too wishes to annihilate his solitude
with an exquisite serenade 
     in such somber abyss.

Through his ballad
I feel I am one with him
     the same heart
     same soul
same naïve faith for a change of fate.

My sorrow is infinite
just as those boundless stars in the sky 
uncontainable tears and endless regrets 
are my forlorn symphony 
     of yesteryear.

His alluring melody 
echoes through the obscure abyss
in the distance now
becoming more difficult to hear
     his serenade becoming only a
beguiling memory
of a dismal night without end. 

Vanessa Caraveo is an award-winning author and published poet who has been avidly involved in writing throughout the years. Her work brings focus to many social issues that exist, and she is also passionate about promoting inclusion for all. Vanessa enjoys volunteering her time promoting literacy at various events and working with various non-profits and organizations at all levels. Her poetry has been published in various anthologies and organizations in which she hopes to uplift the lives of others through her literary work.