Another Autumn

by W.B. Cornwell

It is time for summer to rest, entering its long slumber
Autumn brings with it a brush to paint the leaves red, gold and umber

The sky changes as well into patches of grey and white in various hues,
as it gradually forgoes its soft and innocent blue

The air transforms becoming chilled and crisper
and wind ever so gently rushes, just above a playful whisper

The harvest-toned leaves will quickly be falling
as time moves forward knowing soon a new season will be calling

October is but a flash of outrageous opalescence
November is too over swiftly leaving a nostalgic presence

Just like that, another autumn is over and will be forgotten
As in ushers winter with white snow that falls like cotton

W.B. (William Benjamin) Cornwell is an award-winning poet, novelist, genealogy blogger, and one half of the writing team known as Storm Sandlin. Since 2014, he has been published in over a dozen books. In 2016, he and his cousin, A.N. Williams, co-ran the campaign for Elwood, Indiana’s Poetry Month. He is also a featured writer for He is currently working on a slew of writing projects, including various charity publications, loaning his voice as a co-author, and dabbling in screenplays.