Embers Unglowing

by Hibah Shabkhez

The shadows upon the inner
Screen-stage of her eye
Were the demons that made her scream,
Azuring and obscuring the
Sweet blue of the sky.

Everything that happened to her
We deemed a foul lie:
And so, laughing demons in dream
Worlds jeered till she shrank into a
Single wordless cry.

Hibah Shabkhez is a writer of the half-yo literary tradition, an erratic language-learning enthusiast, a teacher of French as a foreign language and a happily eccentric blogger from Lahore, Pakistan. Her work has previously appeared in The Mojave Heart Review, Third Wednesday, Brine, Petrichor, Remembered Arts, Rigorous, and a number of other literary magazines. Studying life, languages, and literature from a comparative perspective across linguistic and cultural boundaries holds a particular fascination for her.