Imagine for Me

by Anne Gvozdjak

an annihilating vengeance 
and a vicious roaring in my body: 

a sound of something shattering 
through dust jungles as i smash this visceral 
museum of a past apart, 

and an ecstatic hysteria of rusted 
neglect finally coming back alive: 

violent blazes of a disjointed resurrection
only for every stunted feeling to be swallowed 
by the old plaid loveseat,

overstuffed with a century’s worth
of scraped knees buried in gnarled wool,
of playing beggar to the pounding rain,
of the yearning to start over

and over again,
until this tomb of a body screaming blasphemy 
suffocates itself 

back into cacophonous desolation

Anne Gvozdjak is a high school junior living in Seattle, Washington. Besides writing poetry and working on her novel, her hobbies include graphic design, calligraphy, and reading. She also harbors an avid interest in STEM.